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GayGeek is Lightly Active. He has worked out 3 days in the past week (05:46:30 of physical activity), and averaged 2.0 days (05:51:00.5160) per week over the past month. (Click to see The CDC's guidelines on minimal physical activity per week.)

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  • Cardio, done wrong, can make you lose muscle. Forget the "fat burning zone" you see on the cardio equipment. The best cardio is generally short, high-intensity exercises like sprints or kettlebells. If you do low to moderate intensity cardio, keep it under 20 minutes/day. Read more here, here, and here.
  • But it gets even more complicated… Be careful about what you do for cardio and when you do it. You need to have a workout plan where cardio and strength training compliment each other. There is no one right answer - it varies based on the person, their available time, and their goals. What's important is to understand how cardio and stength training can effect each other. Read more here.