Better Bodies => Better S3X!

We know why you work out… ;)

S3X Fitness Helps You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

What we do is pretty straight forward…

1) We track details about your body

Your weight is the most basic measurement, but we track your body fat (if you have a scale that measures it), and there's other stuff like your waist size that we ask you to enter every now and then. If your goal is gaining muscle, we track measurements for that too. Then we calculate a whole bunch of stuff and spit it back to you in easy to understand charts and graphs that highlight general trends.

See the stats we track in action…

And yeah, we support, inches, centimeters, pounds, kilos (and even stone for those of you in the UK and Ireland!)

2) We track your workouts

Have you ever gone to the gym and not remembered how much weight you should use on a particular machine? Well, we help with that too by tracking weight and reps for each set you do. But it's not just about weightlifting. We track cardio and stuff like calories burned as well. And if you're not quite sure how to do a particular type of exercise we offer you links and videos so you can learn more.

See all the different types of workouts we can track…

And yeah, entering stuff on your iPhone or Android is no problem. And if you're traveling and the gym is in kilos but you think in pounds - we deal with all the calculations so you don't have to. When you check in at a gym we've heard about before we'll even know whether the weights are in pounds or kilos.

This site is under development!

(That's why the site design sucks – it'll come after all the features are in place.)

The site is coming along nicely, but we're still working out some of the details. In fact it's not even open for registration yet. But when we do have people start using it, if you encounter something that's not quite right, let us know and we'll fix it.